Response to 70% of Americans blame Saddam Hussein for 9/11 attacks

I think Gary is closest to the truth about the media. But it only means that they represent no one but themselves. It's hard to prove a consistent line by the media, they are more like the village gossip, dealing in rumour and creating trouble to further their own ends, this time to sell their newspapers or programmes. The fabric of society has been so ripped apart that the gangsters are having a field day. Simply: Honest workers or producers of products or food are considered of no importance, it's selling products and food that is important. This is a perversion of truth. And we are reaping the benefits in "News that sells", "food that sells", etc. This is why there is such a hatred of globalisation but as yet no definite idea of how to combat it affects. The west has lost direction, it's not going to win any wars against those who still value human beliefs and ideals above the dollar.

Created By: Michael Harris