Response to new Pilger documentary

John Pilger has written a long article in the Guardian Weekend supplement about the legacy of the US/UK 'liberation' of Afghanistan. [Sorry, I don't have a web link - I still get a treeful of paper every day.] 

One quote from either side of the Atlantic is all it needs to show the hollowness of the US/UK position: 

Pilger then says "Almost every word they spoke was false" and goes on to detail the horrors of existence in 'liberated' Afghanistan.  He likens Kabul to post-1945 Dresden: contours of rubble; no light or heat and precious little food; little work and no money for wages; cars and new buses piled up everywhere; mines and UXBs still killing and maiming every hour of every day; a bankrupt 'government'; control ceded to the war-lords who were supplied with masses of cash and truckloads of weapons as bribes to fight the Taliban [in addition to the billions poured into their coffers over the previous 2-3 decades]; women totally unsafe and unprotected and so confined to their homes.  And on and on.

Actually, now I've read back what I've written it looks very familiar - oh yes, its what we told Bliar & Bush would happen before they went in, and again before the recent/on-going fiasco. 

It would be nice to believe that these two mad war-mongerers would read the article and rethink their policies.  I gave up believing in miracles many decades ago.

Keep up the anger; good sense will prevail, sometime.

Love & peace.  Ray

Created By: Ray Hennessy