Response to Al Jazeera censored in Iraq!

This is a rough translation of what was on TG 4 news.

They mention the speeches in the UN, and that more people were killed today in Iraq, and then they go to the story about censorship.This is what they said:

Meanwhile the new government in Baghdad, that America appointed, are shutting off freedom of speech in that country. By government order, there is a restriction of 2 weeks being placed on broadcasting the stations Al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya, because it is said that they are causing conflict/argument. The American army killed three today in fighting with rebels in Al Fallujah, and children were hurt....[they show a shot of a badly injured man and child and then go back to the UN].

More on this story here

I heard that one of the heads of Al-Jazeera was arrested. Does anyone else have any details on that? 




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