Response to Israeli pilots rebel !!!!!

As the 3rd year of the latest intifada begins, here are some interesting numbers: Estimated Palestinian Population: 3,000,000 Reported Number of Palestinians killed during this intifada: 2612 Estimated Israeli Population: 6.5 million (assume 80% are Jewish) Reported Number of Jewish Israelis killed in this intifada: 822 [I could find no source for the number of settlers included in the 822] According to an organization called the Jewish Post, the number of Israelis killed by terror since 1948: 1550 Last night on television, Bill Maher quoted a statistic that 30 americans have been killed by "terrorism" in the last year. I can't find his source - but I'd have to argue that 30 people isn't exactly an outbreak of terror. More people drown at the beach. More people get killed by urban gang violence. More people starve to death (which would be terrorism by way of capitalism). How many people have to die of AIDS in Africa? There's a legitimate global crisis. Of course it's all a game of semantics because "terror" isn't used to describe what troops are doing to civilians in Iraq, but it is used to describe what civilians are doing to troops. It also isn't used to describe the acts committed by the Israeli army, but it is used to describe what Palestinian civilians do to the Israeli army. Any number of words can be used to describe a murderous organization of people - freedom fighters, rebels, guerillas, militia, terrorists, army, government, revolutionaries, settlers, imperialists, colonizers - it just depends who's writing the story. Why isn't hamas called a state militia? The civilian death stoll obviously can't be a criteria....How many Israeli homes have been demolished? Hamas ought to just publish a membership list - and hand out photo ids - because right now most of the world seems to believe that every Palestinian is a member of Hamas - which would explain why thousands of 'suspected hamas leaders' have been 'killed.' What kind of underground militant extremist group has a known leader living in every house in their region? Two years ago when Palestinain terrorists carried out an attack, it was reported that the weaponry used was purchased from settlers. Hamas is the best weapon the IDF has. I really didn't mean to be quite that tangential. I just don't understand the willingness of otherwise intelligent and compassionate people to look the other way and pretend that what goes on in Israel/Palestine is not ethnic cleansing.

Created By: Claire O'Connor