Response to How Not to Win Arab Hearts and Minds


(Don't take offense at what I say here - I'm trying to say it as reasonably as possible, and it isn't intended as a personal attack or insult).  I can certainly see why Kirsten is getting annoyed with you.  I was quite angry myself at the article you posted - not just because I disagree totally with it (after all, that's what debate is about), but because it was so irrelevant to the point being made here.  This post is about the policies of the US in Iraq which so blatantly contradict their mantra of "winning hearts and minds".  It was not a discussion on the media (and by the way, that's the first time I've heard such an unrealistic piece of propaganda - from either pro or anti sides - called "a story with some spin on it from the positive side of the spectrum"!!).  If you want to post about different media reports, issues or viewpoints, there are plenty of threads discussing media on this site where you can do so, but this one really isn't the place.  I think you'll find that all reasonable contributions on this site are valued, and different viewpoints are accomodated and debated.  However relentless postings of the same or similar point tend to annoy people, especially when they are without exception pro-war (this is an anti-war site, after all).  Maybe it was unintentional, but I think some people, including myself, found your article quite offensive when posted in the context of this thread.  As people above have pointed out - how does being able to buy a TV compensate for invasion, murder, chaos, kidnap, raids and humiliation?

Created By: Rachel Hicks