Response to Israeli pilots rebel !!!!!


I still can't see why you have such a problem with us.  Calling us biased in our views - well isn't that a bit like the kettle calling the pot black? What is this bias? A bias against war and violence?? (This is an anti-war site, remember).  How are our opinions/views any more or less biased than your own??  You seem to be really offended because we disagree with your particular political views - if that's the case then why do you contribute to this site? I don't go and criticise people on pro-war sites for the very good reason that it is pointless and a waste of time, and I know I'm very unlikely to change anyone's mind.  Anyone (pro or anti) is welcome to contribute to this site, but they should remember that this is an anti-war forum, where anti-war information, views and issues are discussed.  If you come to an anti-war site and then get really annoyed and frustrated with anti-war views - well whose fault is that?  We're not shoving our views in your face.

"you take a belief that one side is right and one is swrong and go with it." - again, isn't that what you yourself do?

I'm not sure what your objection to this thread is ("take the pilot letter for example - what does it proove?") - it's not meant to "prove" anything, it's trying to demonstrate individual acts of integrity and courage in the face of overwhelming pressure to do otherwise.  Military figures who refuse to carry out crimes against innocent civilians - that is something relevant to any war or violent situation.  If I saw an article about a Hamas member who refused to carry out a suicide mission then I'd post that here too, and the same would apply to, for example, a Russian soldier who refused to serve in Chechnya, or a similar example from any other number of conflicts.

I'm also not sure what your point about the Israeli war is here - "I find this place to be totally one sided" - first of all, I don't think that's true at all.  Most people here condemn both Israeli and Palestinian violence.  How are our views here any more or less "one-sided" than your own?  As a matter of fact, I find a lot of your views to be totally one-sided and biased, but I try to engage with them, debate about them and understand them, rather than dismissing them straight out (obviously I'm not always that calm and open-minded, but at least I try my best).  Why don't you try the same thing? A little bit of respect for other people's opinions - no matter how much you disagree with them - can go a long way. 

"Israelis are also pro peace" - did anyone here say otherwise? I think you are confusing criticism of the Israeli government with criticism of the Israeli people.  It's like the whole "anti-american" argument I've heard - criticise the government/political side of America, and people will tell you that you're anti-American.  I hate the policies and attitude of Ariel Sharon and his government - that is not the same thing as hating Israel, and it doesn't make my opinion "one-sided".  I also hate the policies and attitude of the fundamentalist, militant wings of groups such as Hamas - does that also mean my views are anti-Palestinian and "one-sided"??

(I'd still like to know what exactly it was about Claire's post you found so offensive - I'm honestly trying to understand where you're coming from here.)

Hope my biased and one-sided views haven't offended you too much. :) 

Created By: Rachel Hicks