Response to Israeli pilots rebel !!!!!

As usual someone else (Orla) has articulated much better than me exactly what I was trying to say.  Being anti-war and anti-violence does not mean you cannot have strong political views on how to end that war and violence, or that you cannot attach more responsibility for that violence to one particular side (i.e. the aggressor).  It is possible to support the Palestinian cause without advocating violence.  What's so wrong with that?  Similarly it is possible to be highly critical of Israel without saying that violence against Israelis is more acceptable than that against Palestinians.  And there is little or no point in sitting back and simply condemning every violent act that happens in the world - otherwise we'd be sitting here 24 hours a day.  Absence of condemnation of every single incident can't and shouldn't be taken as meaning that people either don't know or care about them.


Created By: Rachel Hicks