Response to Israeli pilots rebel !!!!!


Well, I think when Palestinian - and highly educated - women take to suicide bombing (notwithstanding the fact that the IDF has the highest proportion of female soldiers of any army in the entire world, for clear historical reasons), we need to point out some uncontrovertible, widely documented, facts (quite apart from Israel's recent illegal invasion of Syria):

Israel Must Be Declared A Terrorist State

Patrick Johnston

09/16/03: (Information Clearing House) The United Nations General Assembly must pass resolutions declaring Israel to be in violation of the UN Charter of Member States and suspend Israel from the United Nations effective immediately. Further, both the General Assembly and the Security Council must pass resolutions imposing the harshest yet sanctions and complete international isolation against Israel for continued reckless and wanton violations of numerous resolutions concerning the criminal treatment of the Palestinian people and mandates on Palestine.


1.) Israel Must Be Declared A Terrorist State
2.) Zionism Must Be Declared A Terrorist Movement and Followers Terrorists
3.) War Crimes Tribunals Must Be Sought Against Appropriate Israeli Leaders
4.) UN Must Impose Harsh Sanctions and Isolation Against Israel

The United States must wake up to the fact that Israel is not a good ally. Nor is Israel a good friend to the American people. What ally and what friend would demand of a nation and its people to continuously support without challenge, or explanation, their nefarious plans and calculated deeds to wipe out an entire population of largely defenseless people? 

The American people must demand an immediate and uncompromised end to the blind and insane U.S. support of Israel and its reprehensible and vile destruction of the Palestinian people before it is too late. The mandate and requisite road map for peace is very simple: Demand full implementation of all United Nations General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions relevant to the conflict in the Middle East and stop this inhumane and heinous carnage by the Israeli government aimed at and inflicted against the hapless and defenseless Palestinian people.

The criminally insane Israeli government now claims it plans to expel Yasser Arafat from Palestine, or to kill him. This announcement by the Israeli government hasn't indicated which option it will choose. But make no mistake about it, it most assuredly will happen. The Israeli government has a habit of broaching its most controversial, aka unlawful, plans in the media to head off and dilute any possible -- no matter how weak and ineffectual -- U.S. government opposition and to a lesser degree international opposition and to establish how ever weak of a claim that they forewarned the international community of their plans and therefore are absolved of any wrongdoing.

What right does Israel have to expel Yasser Arafat into exile? What international law and precedent allows such a move? A more odious plan of action by Israel would be the assassination -- the murdering -- of Arafat. President Arafat has been held virtual captive in his destroyed Ramallah compound for over two years, imprisoned, under full scrutiny and observation of the IDF, unable to set a foot past his confines. So what precisely grants Israel impunity to do as it wishes, to whom it wishes, in complete contravention of international law, to elected leaders within the boundaries of their own land? And while under virtual house arrest, how can Arafat rightfully be held responsible for not being able to stop Hamas, or any other act of armed resistance by any Palestinian faction?

This is another in a long list of mischievous and devious Israeli tauntings and calculated schemes of out of control spin and manipulation of on the ground facts to give credence and legitimacy to their belligerent and dastardly policies and military brutality against the Palestinians in the guise of fighting Palestinian terrorism instigated by Arafat and the Palestinian Authority.

How can the elected leader of Palestine possibly be responsible for the actions of the armed Palestinian resistance? The justification for every bit of what the Israelis has thrown at the Palestinian Intifadah has been laid at the feet of a besieged and captive duly elected President. Bush keeps demanding that Arafat dismantle the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure. Sharon, the yet to be indicted war criminal, insists that Arafat dismantle every bit of the armed Palestinian resistance and until he does, he, as the elected Prime Minister of Israel, will continue these most sickly and despicable acts of cowardice against this small group of Arabs.

How pathetic and prophetic.

Bush, with a vast military and arsenal financed by a defense budget larger than the rest of the planet combined, cannot find one man in Osama Bin Laden and after a year of continuous military action still cannot claim the dismantling of Al Qaeda.

Ariel 'The Butcher of Sabra and Shatilla and Qibya and Beirut and Jenin and many other places and loathsome deeds' Sharon has tried in vain to prevent the martyr operations and all to no avail -- so just what is expected of Arafat? Nothing! It's all another ploy intentionally conceived and concocted to allow certain failure and another lame and predictable excuse for the Israelis to kill more innocent Arabs and perhaps this time President Arafat included.

Hamas, whose very existence and material backing comes at the hands of the Israeli government. The same which can be said of the U.S. and Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and myriad others and regimes before them.

Whatever plan Israel chooses would be a criminal act. But criminal acts are nothing new to Israel, its government, or many of its citizens.

And what will be the reaction of the Bush administration to either of these options? Why should we, the American people, or for that matter the entire international community, expect any other response than what we are accustomed to by Bush in response to the crimes committed by Arik 'The Man of Peace' Sharon and his supporters? Nothing.

If the Sharon regime proceeds with either of their plans, the response needs to bury Israel, AIPAC, the ZOA, the CPMJO, JINSA and all similar organizations and extremist Israeli support structures under a relentless fusillade and barrage of condemnation. Israel needs ostracized and isolated by sanctions from the rest of the entire international community of nations until it falls into line and stops this intentional decimation of Palestine.

Because Bush and his aides have staked a clear and visible dislike of German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and French President Jacques Chirac; because they would not fall into lock step with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, perhaps it is then acceptable to Bush to exercise the right to send them into exile and to forcefully do so? And to do so by sending a belligerent military force into France and Germany to extract those leaders for expulsion under heavy gunfire without conscience, or concern for the citizens of either country? There is no difference. It is just as preposterous and criminal for the Israelis in their proposition concerning Yasser Arafat.

While we are on the subject of criminality:

It is a violation of U.S. laws to provide material support for criminal and corrupt governments. Israel is in violation of near seventy UN General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions in regards to the Middle East conflict.

Under numerous scenarios, Israeli PM Ariel Sharon and numerous other Israeli officials are guilty of multitudes of violations of the Geneva Convention and other international laws, covenants and treaties. Some punishable by death.

The entirety of the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate and the Executive Branch, including President Bush, are guilty of aiding and abetting Israel in its flagrant, intentional and willful commitment of crimes against the Palestinian people. Including but not limited to violations of the Leahy Amendment and the Arms Control Export Act.

The U.S. government has also violated numerous laws in regards to certain forms of military and financial aid provided to Israel in contravention to money laundering laws and laws regarding the structuring of all aid and the repayment/obligations of the recipient country concerning how the aid is used and the reporting requirements/accountability of all aid -- military, or otherwise.

Both Israel and the United States are guilty of violations of numerous UN Resolutions concerning the treatment of Palestinian citizens and the illegal occupation of Palestinian territory. 

How can anything out of the mouth of the Israeli government, or any of its politicians, or any of the supporters of the Zionist campaign, or any others who support or bless the Israeli apartheid against the Palestinian people be believed in any regard, on any matter?

For that matter, how can any U.S. politician?

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Created By: Padraig L Henry