Response to Israeli pilots rebel !!!!!

Rachel -

you are not all "a bunch of lefties" -

I think that being probably the only israeli here does give me a bit more of an insight of what is going on is Israel. you could all have all the knowledge in the world about what is going on from books. I recieve it first hand. how many of you read the hebrew media and internet posts? it does not mean I think you guys dont know anything but there is a certain lack of knowledge unless you live in the region. luckily for you, you do not.

if you do involve yourself in the palestinian - Israeli conflict in any other way please mention it. nothing is wrong with expressing your opinion via demonstration but if you are as committed to peace as you claim think of other ways to solve the issue, not just raise it inpublic opinion (as if we do not make the front page every day). 

the fact that you are not from the region does not make your points less valid, just maybe you should be aware of the more subtle currents in Israel's society and how they precieve the war.

when people write they believe the occupation should end, I agree with them. when people wriet that the state of Israel should not exist (was born in sin etc) I do not feel the same... I am here not because I want people to agree with me, we must exchange ideas and ideals in order to progress. perhaps in the next meeting you have with your palestinian friends you could say " well,this guy said this and that..." maybe they'll listen to you.

do you know the official agenda of Hamas and Islamic Jihad? (anihilation of Israel) where they train and get financial backing (syria and Iran). their roll in the current process (evreything they can to ruin it). the support they get from the Fatah movement, the fact that a whole society now is based on worshipping death (streets , schools and hospitals named aFter suicide bombers). the fact that there was a peace agreement , there were whole cities and area given back for self rule to the palestinians, the fact that Shimon peres was running around the globe securing money for the PLA (money that has mostly "vanished" , by the way). the fact that during this peaceful periods we heard Arafat say in arabic that the Jihad, the holy war, must continue, the fact we saw that school children were still taught hatred in schools, that hamas and jihad were arming , that the authorities would not do anything about it except warn the terrorists that we knew of them. that Arafat signs money to wanted men on a daily basis and smuggles weapons from all over the world (heard of Karin A?).

that the two palestinian teenagers that were caught tweo night ago were told they'll get 20 dollars if they'll bring two bags from near a fence, in the bags were explosives that could be detonated from afar. the plan was that when the israeli soldiers would give chase the teenagers would explode.

the world we live in is crazy.




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