Response to Israeli pilots rebel !!!!!


You say:

"Both groups are out to cause misery, suffering, and innocent civilian deaths. Their tactics certainly vary, but the basic aim is the same."

This is the crux of our disagreement. I believe the above statement is false. The Palestinians are out to cause civilian deaths, maiming and slaughter as their mission. The Israeli's cause similar mayhem while pursuing or trying to prevent these incidents. I don't mean to absolve the Israel's - like I said dead is dead - but I have a hard time believing that you can't make a distinction. There were a lot of statistics posted above but maybe it is clearer in personal terms. Suppose you, Rachel, were to decide to spend two weeks in the Mid-East, one each in Israel and one in Palestinian territory. Let's say you are there on holidays with no political interest. During your stay in Israel you would have to be constantly on the alert. Anytime you go to a bar, nightclub, restaurant, take a bus or walk down the street you are a potential victim. While the suicide bombers are not targeting you specifically your risk of being hit is the same as anybody else's. The bombers are totally indiscriminate. During your stay in Palestine your chances of being attacked by the IDF are greatly reduced. Very few females are killed and very few people not involved in demonstrations are killed. This is not to say it couldn't happen but the IDF does discriminate. They do not target people at random. They do not set out to kill the maximum number of civilians possible.

Created By: Brendan H