Response to The lies continue

I am an American and I must tell you that it is very very frustrating watching people like her and the rest of Bush's buddies take over the air waves and spew this propaganda over and over and over.   They do it in the name of Democracy and anti-terrorism.   It's even more frustrating to watch people around me act like lemmings and will follow these people right off the edge  of a very large cliff.  I swear, people are acting as if they have no brains.  It's like watching helplessly as a huge cult sweeps across this country, controlling the minds of the weak.   I sense that there are some people here who are angry about what is going on in this world, but they are not the people who control the right-winged media.   There is a large anti-war rally scheduled in Washington DC on October 25.  Watch and see how much media coverage it gets.......probably next to none.    Democracy as we knew it is over.    If you have vast amounts of money, you get to control the world.   Just ask the Bush family and Ruppert Murdoch!

Created By: Judy Dorsey