Anti-War song to share

Dear Fellow Members of the Irish Anti-War Movement and fellow believers that war is NOT an answer,

I am a songwriter originally from Goa, India. I was reading several posts on this forum and I thought one of my songs would be something many of you might connect with.

The song is called "Brothers in War" and I originally wrote it with a Pakistani friend several years ago when we were both going through a depression about our country's relations.

Now, I am in a band in Austin, TX and the members are from different cultures and places - and it made me realize that we all have a common thread that binds us as human beings. The song ended up becoming one that represents our connection despite where we come from.

I would like to offer it to all of you for free download here -

(I changed it to download this morning, so it might still be only available on streaming for now - but check back to get it for free)

Thank You so much for allowing me to share my music with all of you and I hope it helps you and the people you share it with,




Created By: Anuj Timblo