Response to Sham democracy exposed in Galway

Yes, it's like a logical conclusion of what I said. I hoped it would be understood that when the level of trust between people needs cameras to watch each other, then that it is a problem for society and no longer a policing matter. If a friend needs a camera to watch a friend then it is no longer worth the effort. The same with society. What are problems of a society's relationships with each other, e.g. a sence of oneness, belonging, is now replaced with policing and security. If this trend continues we'll soon have a dictatorship where security will demand the end of all freedoms, any one of which reduces security, since the current logic is that the greatest security of all is total control. It's hard to explain in a few sentences, but look at this: Locks, keys, closed doors, cameras, security didn't exist in most villages in Ireland 100 years ago. We can't go back, but we can stop going forward in the wrong direction. A cohesive, inclusive society, at one with itself, is the best security of all. We're probably on the same side in this, just coming from a different direction.

Created By: Michael Harris