Response to things are changing for Afghan women

I guess not everyone liked the picture of the beautiful Afghan woman. Please note I never said she was representative nor did I say things were changing for the better. The picture simply illustrates the changes for one Afghan woman and hope fully the potential change for others.

Kirsten wrote: "if i had a choice is wearing a burka or walking around in front of a group of men in my underwear as they decide how worthy of a prize i am, id take the burka, every time" Duh!! Kirsten, that is the whole point. You have a choice every day what to wear and how to dress. You can go out tomorrow in a burka or a bikini. You might get strange looks but you won't get stoned to death. I was at a muslim wedding in NY recently and some older women were veiled while some of the younger ones looked like they were going clubbing. The whole point is they and you had a choice. Shouldn't Afghan women have an equal choice? Some will choose the veil and some will choose the beauty contest. Why condemn eithier one?

Martin says the picture is a "piece of smut" and should be removed. Not by my definition. You can see more flesh in your morning paper. He also says the yanks just want to get their hands on Afghan women. Ray says the yanks are there for the heroin. Finally we get to the real reason for the war - women and drugs. That whole 9/11 BinLaden thing was just a cover. Who says the left is bereft of ideas?

BTW, Kirsten I am unaware of a Taliban offer to extradite BinLaden to the US. Maybe you would have like, a link or something?

Created By: Brendan H