Response to things are changing for Afghan women

Seeing as Brendan doesn't trust all these god-damned leftie A-rab loving commie liars let's give him a link to some nice reliable right-wing western press.  Is the Daily Torygraph (sorry, I meant of course to say the Daily Telegraph) conservative enough for you Brendan?  The headline of the article is:

Pakistan blocks bin Laden trial
By Patrick Bishop in Paris
(Filed: 04/10/2001)

and it refers briefly to a Taliban plan to extradite bin Laden to Pakistan for trial which the  "president" of Pakistan (funny, before he became best buds with George Bush he was called a "military dictator") and the US both refused.  Unfortunately you'll probably have to subscribe to the website before you can access the article - if you can be bothered, go read it for yourself [I subscribed specially for you, just to find this article which I remembered reading, aren't you lucky... :) ]

I also did a couple of  google searches and found plenty of articles, so I don't know what you're moaning about.  Look properly next time before you go challenging people.  To be fair, I think what you're mixing up is the perfectly true fact that earlier in late Septmber 2001 the Taliban did indeed refuse point blank to hand over Bin Laden - however this changed as war drew closer.  I also remember reading about and watching on TV Taliban offers to extradite Bin Laden and being refused by the US - but of course I'm just a terrorist loving crazy lying peacenik, so there's no need to trust anything I say...

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