SOmething to think of

I do not doubt the sincerity and good intention of most of you guys here (a few doubts about certain individuals but lets let it slide). As I understand you are for a “justice for Palestine” and a peaceful resolution for the conflict.

Unfortunately a lot of the views expressed here have led me to believe that although you are all anti war your actions promote conflict.


Let me explain:


There are a few facts that we may all agree upon.


  1. Both sides have a claim to parts of Israel; there should be two separate states in this land. A resolution will always be a compromise of BOTH sides.
  2. Both sides have done grave mistakes that caused the last peace accord to fail. The Israelis kept expanding the settlements while Nobel peace prize winner Arafat unleashed Hamas and Jihad suicide bombers and help them arm and train.
  3. There won’t be peace without change of regime in both countries. Israel, being a democracy should vote in the next election for the left, who is starting to show an alternative (the Geneva accord). The Palestinian side should become democratic and less corrupt (60 minutes just ran a piece about Arafat’s eight hundred million embezzlement from the PA authority).
  4. In order for the left in Israel to rise to power, Israeli must be convinced that the world is not against them.


Now, why don’t you start preaching real peace? Don’t just wave the Palestinian flag, wave both flags, to show you are not one sided. Don’t just go and work in a PA hospital, volunteer in an Israeli hospital too. Condemn Sharon but also Arafat, show the injustice of both sides, not only one.  Stop trying to convince me that Israel was born in sin and that we should not have the right to exist. Stop trying to convince me that sending UN troops to impose resolution is going to help things. You will be taken more seriously by the people who count; the voters in Israel.

By taking a stand that one side is completely in the right while the other is completely in the wrong you do not help compromise or peace. By giving simplistic solutions to the conflict (a one sided “surrender”) you not only show a complete disregard to the complexity of the situation but also show a kind of paternalism which might border (excuse me) racism. Do you thing Arab and Israelis are dumb? That we are not aware of the sufferings? That we/they do not want peace? That the Middle East solution that has been eluding both people for 55 years can be solved by you in front of a computer screen. Take a step back, do not get involved in a conflict that has nothing to do with you, that you know only from reading material from selected one sided authors or web sites. Stop posting theories which insult my intelligence, you know what I mean, lets not go there…


Now this is not aimed individually. So do not bombard me with posts saying “how dare you accuse me…”. I do not accuse you but I see and read the general feelings and attitudes in this web site.  


Created By: eyal kless