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Perhaps Eyal when your government stops killing civilians, doesn't prevent heavily pregnant women accessing hospitals, dismantles its 10-ft wall, refrains from stealing Palestinian land & water, grants Palestinian refugees the right to return to the homes stolen from them in 1948, dismantles illegal settlements and checkpoints in the West Bank & Gaza Strip, releases Palestinian children currently held without charge in so-called administrative detention, puts an end to the non-stop curfews imprisoning Palestinians in their homes, discontinues collective punishment on entire villages, ceases destroying Palestinians' livelihoods by holding people at checkpoints all day or uprooting their olive groves ... perhaps then suicide bombings may stop, until then the Palestinian resistance in all its varied forms will continue and will be supported by the global peace movement ... while the Israeli State continues its viscious persecution of the Palestinian people and while the Israeli "left" can offer nothing more than watered down versions of Sharon's policies then you can expect to find no allies waving your flag amongst the global peace movement.

Aoife Ní Fhearghail



Created By: Aoife Ni Fhearghail