Response to Understanding the Violent Mind

If only more people thought the way you and your group do, the world would be a much more peacful (not to mention happy) place.  I don't think we'll ever know exactly what causes violence - there are certain circumstances and conditions which may drive some people to it, but this doesn't explain all of it.  Why is it that some people seem able to ignore their conscience? Why is that some people are able to commit violence against their fellow human beings, which I believe is something all humans instinctively find repugnant and wrong? (Maybe I'm being a little optimistic here - maybe we aren't that noble or highly evolved). I think all we can do is try to lead by example (granted that's a very easy thing when you lead a priviledged life in the rich west) and work for an end to all types of violence we see around us, as well as eradicating the desperate circumstances that contribute to it (poverty, war, hunger, oppression, etc).

Good luck with your peace group!

Created By: Rachel Hicks