Response to SOmething to think of

Well, Eyal, I guess it depends on how you define success.

Israel thrives only because it receives $3.5 billion aid every year from the US government, and a further $3 billion in private grants from the US.

Yes, Israel is one of the most technologically advanced societies in the world (thanks to the said US aid), but has used this technology to develop and amass the world's biggest stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons (in addition to its arsenal of nuclear weapons).

It is a mistake, in any case, to equate technological advances with cultural development. In 1939 Nazi Germany was the world's most technologically advanced country.

The fact of the matter is - and I notice you don't offer any argument to attempt to refute this fact - that Israel was established in Palestine against the wishes of the Palestinian people, and has relied on US military and financial assistance to sustain its occupation.

As for the examples you offer of other countries which, in your opinion, could be described as failed experiments, there is one crucial difference between these countries and Israel, and it is this: the countries you mention have problems, whereas Irael is a problem.






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