Response to SOmething to think of


I have not refuted your claim becaause it is completely devoid of reality. Israel was founded by dividing the land to arab and jewish. the places were there was a majority of jewish population (yes, there were jews in israel throughout the otoman period and before) became israeli and the others were given to the arab states surrounding it. I see you have not refuted the fact that Israel was created in a UN resolution. so what is your problem? the war that ensued immediately was declared by the entire Arab league upon new founded israel. 7 states, millions of Arabs  against 600 thousand jews. thank god we are a failed experiment.

like I said before,  your arguments do not help peace , they help war. you do not offer any realistic sollution to a very serious problem. the fact that I am the only one arguing aganist your way of thinking is bad for this web site and a stain on your movement.

if you want to be a fanatic, dont call yourself anti war beacuse what you believe in and argue for will only bring bloodshed.

I do not see any problem with getting money from the US. Egypt just got an estimate 2 billion last year and they are not the only one. Let me ask you this, if you had to choose living as a woman (or a man for that matter ) in Israel or any other country in the middle east were would you choose to live?

I salute your line of reasonning comparing Israel and nazi Germany. congratulations really. I mean there I was thinking you are an unreasonable guy...    


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