Torture, terror and $500 million

The appalling human rights abuses of the Saddam Hussein regime were cited as one of the main reasons for the war, especially retrospectively when all the WMD failed to materialise.  We were told over and over about all the terrible things happening, particularly the shocking torture of prisoners and numerous human rights abuses.  Why is it then, that America has given $500 million to the brutal Uzbek regime led by Islam Karimov which has an appalling human rights record - $79 million of which goes directly to the Uzbek security forces which the State Department itself admits use torture routinely. This is a country where a forensic report commissioned by the British ambassador found that two prisoners had been boiled to death. A country whose location just happens to be vital in terms of support for the US "war on terror". The US is supporting and bankrolling a form of state terror which observers are already warning is beginning to provoke a fundamentalist terrorist backlash.,3604,963497,00.html



Created By: Rachel Hicks