Response to SOmething to think of

People always quote "biblical" times when refering to the question of Israel/Palestine. The bible also says that people lived to be hundreds and hundreds of years old, turned water into wine, and all sorts of unbelievable things. If I am living in my apartment in Chicago, which I have occupied for the past ten years, and the mayor of New York decides that my apartment now belongs to the residents of New York who survived the WTC, because the New York Housing Code from 1776 says that it does - I'm not leaving. In fact, not only will I not leave, I will bear arms against the people trying to steal from me and justify it with a code that was not written by me, does not pertain to me, and is not legally enforceable in the time and place in which I live. That said, I agree with Zak and Eyal (how that's possible I'm not sure). Israel could admit - yes the Brits stole your land for us. Palestine could admit - yeah maybe we do want to drive you into the sea. At the moment - to paraphrase the heinous remarks made by Golda Meir - the radicals on both sides seem to love the martyrdom more than their children. Wouldn't it be a hoot if it turns out the Buddhists (or someone beside the big three) are actually the one's with the right story and the rest of the religious zealot crazies are condemned to come back? Or maybe that's already the case, and explains why this same stupid situation is going on and on and on - about to plunge the whole stupid world into WWIII - over a piece of land that's almost too small to find on a map.

Created By: Claire O'Connor