Response to The message is getting through

I just got back from the march, and it's great that they gave it some coverage (although I doubt it was very objective). I hope they included the bits where most of the speakers stressed that this rally was anti-Bush and anti-war, NOT anti-American.  That was a feature of the speeches I really liked, it was also very important that they condemned terrorism, violence and suicide bombings, specifically the horrific recent attacks on the synagogues in Istanbul.  There was no trouble, people of all ages, religions and nationalities turned out (there were loads of Americans) and the atmosphere was wonderful.  The police say at least 120,000 people turned out, although typically they were understating the numbers vastly.  March stewards we spoke to said there were at least 400,000: people were still crossing the Thames when the rally in Trafalgar Square was almost over.  Laura Bush has said she has seen more people waving American flags than protestors - no wonder, seeing as she and her husband have been carefully wrapped in a protective bubble, with no peaceful protests allowed anywhere near Buckingham Palace, or anywhere near where Bush and Blair happen to be.  If she'd ventured anywhere into the rest of central London tonight she'd certainly have a different story to tell...

Unfortunately I was too far back (and too short!) to see the statue toppling -anyone got any pictures of the actual moment it came down?

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