Response to Are people against America?

I am an american of Irish descent, my great grandfather came here searching for a good life that he was promised.  Yes this country was founded on treachery and brutality, alot of it to be accurate. Ignorance and greed is what drove many men and women to do the things they did....but please don't lump all us all together with the greedy hate and warmongers, majority of americans are working class honest people who do not benefit from these terrible acts upon humanity, we work hard to balance life paycheck to paycheck, stupid little gears in this bloated machine that wears a fantasy land mask for the rest of the world.  Our selfish government takes our money and funds mass murder, it makes me physically sick.  Humongous propaganda machines have had us fooled for so long, but our eyes are opening ....Corporate whores dance upon our backs , take money from our pockets and then slap us in the face by disrespecting the rest of the world.  I hang my head  in shame for being so blind.  Forgive me for my ignorance, my american government has had a good time fooling us americans who are to poor and to busy working to be able to leave this country and here the true feelings of the rest of the World.... I am not very educated , I am a simple man but I know when wrongs are being commited.   If americans have to lose out on the luxuries that I don't possess in order to make things right, so be it.....this country needs a swift kick in the ass to bring it to it's roots.  Or to fall face down in the dirt of reality..

WAR IS A CRIME.....         Thank you for your time and patience....

Created By: Tracy William Casteel