Response to The message is getting through

I am in support of rallies for peace, against the war, and George Bush's foreign policies, which in my view are a far greater threat to world peace. I believe, however, that in alot of these protests, to much emphasis is on anti this and anti that, it is a little negative. Would it not be better if they were pro peace, pro UN, pro the American people who's country is being led by blind short sighted leaders. Those on the receiving end of these gatherings, could be more receptive if they were felt a more "positive energy" rather than "negative energy". They are human like the protesters after all. Anyway if an organistation calls itself a peace movement rather than an anti war movement it seems to have more clear aims. towards a goal of a peaceful world. Anyway it's just a thought. Any other opinions?

Created By: David Mac Thréinfhir