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You´re funny, I´ll give you that. Your claim that Israel is a democracy is certainly laughable.

Yes, Israel (which has no constitution, by the way) has elections that are open to non-Jews: however, the Israeli government has complete control over the percentage of Jews which comprise the population of Israel. Jews from anywhere in the world are welcome to come and live in Israel; non Jews are not. The Jewish majority is maintained by limiting access by Arabs to Israel.

Furthermore, there are strict controls on how much land and property non-Jews are allowed to own in Israel, and on where they can buy land - restrictions not applied to Jews. Israeli government policies also discriminate against non-Jewish citizens of Israel in housing, education and employment.

The elections in Israel are neither free nor open, since no-one can vote for any candidate who is opposed to Israel being a Jewish state (candidates holding this view cannot be elected). Candidates are proposed by members of the Knesset. The president - who is elected in a secret ballot - is immune from prosecution "from any legal act, in respect of anything connected with his functions or powers".

If this is your idea of a democracy, it certainly isn´t mine.

As for your other claim - how do you explain these (just a few of numerous) news reports?

"The Israeli government is going ahead with the construction of more than 300 new homes in Jewish settlements in the occupied territories, defying the so-called roadmap peace plan. "

"The Palestinians have launched an appeal over the fence
Israel has launched a tender for the construction of 550 new homes in Jewish settlements in the West Bank.
About 400,000 Israelis live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, in settlements widely regarded as illegal under international law. "

"The 145 settlements dotting the West Bank and Gaza Strip today, contravene international resolutions banning the movement of settlers into land taken during war. A number of these settlements butt up against refugee camps, where Palestinian families live cheek-by-jowl in squalor. "





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