Response to Are people against America?

We [me and my much better half, that is] love the americans we have met - even the extreme republicans.  They are warm and welcoming and fascinated by us ["you're from London?  Wow!" was one response] but we hate the way they have let their political masters hijack their Americn Dream and have led them into a religious-like confrontation with anyone who doesn't fully subscribe to their capitalist way of life.

Mind you, I imagine the reason Al Gore didn't fight harder to overturn the Florida gerrymandering ws because he had a few skeletons in his own agenda!! :-o

Hope to go States-side again soon but hope even more that the stirring of the angry bee-hive of the Middle East stops in good time.  We were half way there, literally, on 9/11 and got turned back.  Don't want to get that close again.

Created By: Ray Hennessy