Kosovo War

Alexander Solzhenitsyn on the Kosovo war:
'The agressors have kicked aside the UN, opening a new era where might is right. There should be no illusions that NATO was aiming to defend the Kosovars. If the protection of the oppressed was their real concern, they could have been defending for example the miserable Kurds.'
Besides this there are other similarities to the war on Iraq. During the Kosovo war NATO bombed civilians,  for example: a market place, a civilian residential area, a hospital, refugee convoys. They bombed a TV/Radio station - on purpose. They also bombed the Chinese embassy (accidentedly).  They used cluster bombs and depleted uranium weapons.
This was a war about NATO flexing it's muscles and trying to get credibility. The NATO action resulted in massive displacement of people, which they then tried to use as a justification of their war. Their supposed concerns about civilians rings a bit hollow when we look at their active support for repression and violence against civilians in Turkey and Columbia.
Noam Chomsky has written an excellent book on this 'A new generation draws the line - Kosovo, East Timor and the standards of the West.'    

Created By: Orla Ni Chomhrai