Response to John Stuart Mills

Ray -

I am sorry but I disagree with you about saddam. Hitler was killing the jews, his own people (german jews) and it was percieved as an internal affair. if he would not have attacked GB and Russia they would not have interfered.

Saddam was a threat. I am still very puzzled about the WMD, I give you that. but I am very happy that Saddam is gone and so are many iraqis.

The war in kosovo is a good example. mass murder and rape on a scale seen only in ww2 was happening and the UN could not reach and agreement. finally, Clinton, the beloved liberal president went to war. and yes, it was damn justified. and yes, eventually the people got rid of milosovitch, they should have done so before he ordered the anihilation of an entire people.

if hitler would have been delt with before 1939 (pre emtive strike, or SAS apecial forces as some of you suggest to do with saddam) how many lives would have been saved?

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