PS, Kirsten...

Re your tribunal idea:

There is already an internationally-represented tribunal which has arbitrated and passed judgment on the Israel-Palestine situation. It is called the United Nations Security Council, and it has found - not just once but a number of times - against the Israeli government, and it has ordered Israel to give back the property and land it  took from the Palestinians, compensate the victims of its illegal invasion, desist from building Jewish settlements on illegally occupied land, discontinue its campaign of discrimination and repression of the Palestinian people.

Israel has ignored every UN Resolution passed against it, just as it has ignored every other international law, treaty and convention.

Israel has only one objective, and that is total control of the entire region.

Disregard what the leaders of Israel say, and look only at what they have done, and are still doing, and you will see that Israel has never compromised, never given back anything, never shown any indication of deviating from the course it has followed since its inception - that course being one of military domination, the illegal acquisition of land, the disenfranchisement and ghettoization of  the Palestinian people (whose land Israel occupies), and the flouting of international laws.


Created By: Zak Martin