Response to Love to Hate

You may be surprised to find that I for one totally agree with most of your second post - but I'm a bit puzzled where exactly you get the idea that the IAWM or even people on this site are supporting EU trade and agriculture policies; quite the opposite - I for one certainly don't. Be careful of sweeping judgements and assumptions; both you and I know very little about how other people here lead their lives, what they buy, what exactly they do/don't support, what other campaigns they are involved in, what other work they are doing, etc.  It's wrong to assume that this site is all about <<pet hates>> of certain countries/groups, i.e the USA or Israel or whatever.  It's so easy to paint everyone "anti-american" when really that is not what we are about at all (ask any one of the number of Americans who contribute here)...  Maybe if you looked around a bit on this site you'd find lots of discussion that are nothing to do with these things at all - wars in Africa (Uganda, Liberia, Congo etc), trade and subsidies issues, online Oxfam campaigns for fairer trade, condemnation of suicide bombings, discussion about the role/policies of the UN, etc.  I suggest that you take a look at your own <<close mindedness>> before making generalised judgements and assumptions about ours.  If you're involved in fair trade issues and campaigns against EU policies, questions about famine, hunger, poverty, human rights, equality, etc then fair play to you, we're on the same side... :)

Created By: Rachel Hicks