Response to Perspective


  Let us not forget that the Bush/Blair Axis stated on several occaisions that Saddam could stay in power if he gave up his mythical "weapons of mass destruction" - and they didn't mean those supplied by U.S./U.K. to supress his own people or attack Iran on behalf of Western business interests.This new-found "humanitarian" excuse for prosecuting the bloody invasion and brutal occupation of Iraq trumpeted by Bush/Blair and their mouthpieces in "The Guardian" would be more plausible were they not NOW exporting arms and torture implements to "friendly" regimes , had not opposed the lifting of U.N. sanctions that killed so many Iraqis and had desisted from bombing almost DAILY such viscous targets as flocks of sheep in the years leading up to their assault.Those who seek to expose the Irish government's comlicity in these crimes against humanity are to be applauded not ridiculed .

Created By: Zeb Rahaman