Response to The lies continue


A quick response regarding the tragedy in Afghanistan - I'll post it here because I'm lazy too:

What happened was absolutely awful. A horrendous mistake. I'm not going to sit here and defend the killing of 9 children by saying it was justified because we got one Taliban. It's not OK or acceptable; there were other ways they could have achieved their objective without killing kids. The US knows it screwed up and issued an apology, but that doesn't bring back those children. There is an investigation, but I honestly don't know what that is going to prove beyond what we already know:They f#$ked up. And I'm not naive; this is not the first time. The war on Al-Queda/Taliban is important, but you can't kill 9 children to get 1 terrorist. This goes back to what I said about Bush a while back: he needs to personally acknowledge that stuff like this has happened and at the very least express his sorrow, not just let the military issue a statement. He is the Commander-In-Chief. The world needs to know that he mourns the loss of all innocent life, not just American or Coalition.

If they wanted that guy so badly, there surely was a safer, more humane way of doing so to ensure that no innocents were killed - especially children. They should have gone after him on the ground. Yes, those soldiers would have been in more danger using that method, but that is why they are there. That tactic has been used at other times anyway. These deaths were avoidable. There is no excuse.

Just because I agree with the reasons for the war - and its overall objectives - doesn't mean that I agree with everything that happens during it. If the military could take it back, they would. But, they don't get a "do-over" here.

Created By: John Keeney