Response to US, NGOs and Georgia uprising

Well I think I know what it would imply.  If we cease to rely on multinational coporations to provide us with jobs, which has been Irish industrial policy since I can remember (low coporation tax, too low infact!) then if their home economies crash, they'll pull out, or what is happening now, is we're becoming far too uncompetitive, as price of operations go up (salaries, insurance, etc.) than demand for setting up in Ireland goes down.  The encouragement of home grown industry, and closer ties with Europe would mean that there would be a collective "insurance" or combined resources would mean we aren't as open to negative external forces from the US.  (It would also deprive the corporate empires whose ethics are doubtful a resource to build on).  Having our hands in a multiple of "sweet piles" would mean we could cover ourselves if one is used up).

Created By: David Mac Thréinfhir