Response to Weapon of Mass Destruction found

So Saddams best killing days were over - cold comfort I guess if you were one of the last on his list or even on one of his sons lists.

Guy - use you imagination for a second and tell me what future Iraq would have had under Saddam - the worst was over - really - nice opinion but your basing it on what exactly.

Given no outside intervention what do you think would have happened to Iraq - Saddam dies some time in the future of old age and one of his sons takes over.

Nice lavish ceremony while every non-Baathist Iraqi is still downtrodden for another 40 years.

You have a real problem now Guy - Saddam was caught alive - so instead of two weeks news coverage like his sons deaths got were going to have

all the gory details of his regime over and over again untill somebody decides how he should be punished.

Its a problem for you because regime change in the publics mind becomes more and more justified.

But unlike for you - it will be a great thing for Iraqis because they get some kind of closure on a nightmare.

Now use your imagination again what is Iraqs future looking like now...

I think if your going to persist in being so anti-Bush your gonna have to maneuver your arguments a little - happy bush whacking - bring a different stick

Created By: Rolf Wright