Response to Weapon of Mass Destruction found

Orla and others are right that about US arms being sold to Iraq. You can see a list of countries that sold weapons to saddam at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. The listing starts after 1979 when Hussein came to power and figures are in millions of US dollars.

   Total '80 - 02 % share

USSR 17503 50.78%

France 5221 15.15%

China 5192 15.06%

Czechoslovakia 1540 4.47%

Poland 1626 4.72%

Brazil 724 2.10%

Egypt 568 1.65%

Romania 524 1.52%

Denmark 226 0.66%

Libya 200 0.58%

USA 200 0.58%

Based on these figures I will be boycotting those bloodthirsty Danes. No more Carlsberg for me. And no Brazilian holidays either. Now, why on earth were France and Russia so against the war? And why don't they forgive the Iraqi debt owed to them which went to buy guns so saddam could repress his own people and attack his neighbors.

Created By: Brendan H