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US troops 'killed Iraqi couple'

January 08, 2004

US troops said they destroyed a home in Fallujah, the centre of the anti-American insurgency west of Baghdad, where enraged neighbours said a married couple was killed and their five children were orphaned.

They insisted the couple were innocent in an attack on the troops that led them to shell the house.

"This is democracy? These corpses?" neighbour Raad Majeed asked at the hospital, gesturing at the remains of the couple, on gurneys covered with bloody sheets. "It's a crime against humanity."

The 82nd Airborne Division said its paratroopers acted after receiving "two rounds of indirect fire" around 9pm yesterday (5am AEDT Wednesday).

"Paratroopers from our Task Force engaged the point of origin with a grenade launcher and small arms, causing two personnel to flee into a nearby building, which was also engaged and destroyed," division spokeswoman Capt Tammy Galloway said in a statement.

"The building was searched and no weapons or personnel were found. Upon questioning, civilians in the area reported two dead personnel were taken to a nearby hospital," the statement said.

Neighbours said US soldiers were on a routine search for suspects and arms when they were fired on. The paratroopers then fired at the house of Ahmed Hassan Faroud.

Associated Press Television News film showed a wall of the house collapsed into a rubble of concrete bricks and two walls splattered with blood that neighbours said belonged to Hassan, 37, and his wife Suham Omar, 28. They said the couple's five children were in bed in an adjoining room and survived yesterday night's attack uninjured. Fallujah is about 50km west of Baghdad, the capital.

"They just brought in their tank and fired at their house from 200 metres away," Majeed said. "What did these people do wrong?"

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