Response to I resign

as someone who has been censured here I can undersdtand Zak's frustration. however , I find alot of his post extremely disturbing, and I do not mean the one's that disagree with my country's policy. freedom of speech is sacred but it has also some limits, even in the most democratic of countries.

some of you do not understand the damage those posts do to the peace process. I have showed some of Zak's post to friends in israel, hard core leftist, oppose the fence that is built and support even far left views. they were shocked and horrified.

and another thing. many here post jewish authors that oppose Israel's current policy and that's fine. but do not use it as a proof that you are not antisemitic.

there is  a strong debate in Israel and outside it about what is going on. the fact that there are jews and israelis out there who totally agree with the palestinians is one of the foundations of israel's democracy. but let's face it, these are a minority within a minority, posting a jewish opinion because it is jewish as a proof you are not an antisemite (something I am very careful not to accuse people of) is counter productive and proof/validate nothing of your opinion.


Created By: eyal kless