Response to things are changing for Afghan women

i was delighted the Taliban were kicked out of afghanistan because of their past deeds particularly the destruction of the buddhist statues which i thought was disgusting. but listen to yourself Eyal, going on like your way of living and your ideals are superior to the uncivilised muslims living under Sharia law. What is so bad about Sharia law that makes it worthy of destroying? i wouldn't want to live under Sharia law but i dont see Western society as being superior because there is no universally correct way to live. it's you who is uncivilised for thinking that Afghans should be told how to live their lives under threat or bombs and bullets from us englitened jews and christians. we have not earned the right to condemn Sharia law because our own models of law and society have failed and looking at us is incentive enough for muslims to call for Sharia law. Western countries are rampant with corruption, violent crime, rape, greed, racism and exploitation. we put people to death, we allow bigamy, we even allow cutting off a childs foreskin. why are these things ok for us but not for the brown-skinned muslim folk ? would you appreciate christians coming into your country telling you to stop circumcision because we deem it uncivilised? as i said, there's no one universally correct way to live and to attempt to impose your ethics and ideals on others is a recipe for disaster.

Created By: Guy Incognito