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    I can answer that,Declan - it's what Ariel Sharon called "creating facts on the ground" some time ago regarding building illegal settlements and then arguing that it would amount to "ethnic cleansing" to remove them - although the more recent "outposts" could be up for negotiation.Thus the dream of Greater Israel would be acheived,containing a few Palestinian "Bantustans" to provide cheap Labour and much of the Palestinian population driven by intimidation or poverty into neighbouring countries,such as Jordan.

      That is the dream - but the intifada and many brave Israelis have prevented it becoming a reality - so far.The wall is another attempt to nibble away at more Palestinian land.

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[With the end of the holiday season this News Service is now back on deck, albeit, still in a summer mode. There are many items accumulated that could be sent to you. For example there’s the 12-months sentence for the refuseniks which takes us back to the early ‘80s and the Lebanon refuseniks.


Instead however I chose this item because of the significance of the writer. Haaretz tells us in Hebrew and in English “The writer was a major general in the IDF and a mayor of Tel Aviv.” It is correct but Israelis would also know that Shlomo “Chich” Lahat was a Likud mayor of Tel-Aviv, not a Meretz softie.


Here are some of the stronger quotes: “ We saw and we formed impressions. And the impressions were very harsh…. At one checkpoint we met four mothers with eight blind children aged 4-5 who were walking to Nablus for medical treatment. It was a hair-raising sight to see the little blind children marching along led by the women….


“In summary: I am doubtful whether the checkpoints have in fact prevented the passage of a terrorist or of weapons. Every checkpoint can be bypassed. I have the impression that the only purpose of the checkpoints is to make things hard for the Palestinian population. I am convinced that the checkpoints constitute a breeding ground for hatred for Israel, and harm an innocent population in an inhumane manner.

”During the course of our tour of the checkpoints, we also saw the separation fence. In principle, I am in favor of a fence within the boundaries of the Green Line. The present route, which cuts Palestinian villages in half, is causing an additional injustice to the population and is intensifying the hatred towards us.

”All in all, for the sake of the Palestinians, but mainly for our own sake, the faster we end the occupation and leave the territories, the better for us. I am writing this because it is impossible to stand by and remain silent.”


So when a former Likud mayor Tel-Aviv makes the observations above they should be taken seriously.


Sol Salbe


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