Response to I resign

As usuall. Zak is ranting and abusive on a personal level. to shout insults and one word acusation (fascist etc) REALLY helps people here zak. As usual Zak inflames any potential argument with the absurd comparison to the nazies. I have chescked and in most, if not all posts that I have encountered you used this comparison. you do not shock anymore and if I may add a personal note, you represent to me all that is bad about this movement. whatever the reasons I must say I am glad to see you leave. not because I can not argue with your amazing theories of removing Israel and destroying my people, not even because of your the personal insults you thorw at anyone who dares opposes your extreme views (a very aggressive trait by the way) but because you do not show an ounce of compassion. not to the suffering of my people, not to the chance for compromise and reconciliation. you are as pro war as they come, hey, maybe you are a secret mossad agent coming here to deface this movement...



Created By: eyal kless