Response to Tony Blair Comes to Galway!

Forget asking Blair that question, what about our own Bertie. This is from the

Programme of the Irish Presidency

of the European Union

'The transatlantic relationship is a core strategic partnership for the European Union and will be a central focus of the Irish Presidency. We will work with the US, and with Canada, on practical cooperation across the broad range of issues of common interest and concern. On the political side, there will be close, ongoing cooperation between the EU and the US on critical international issues, particularly the Middle East Peace Process and Iraq. Co-operation in the fight against terrorism will be taken forward. EU-US trade issues will also be advanced and renewed impetus will be given to the positive economic agenda. The Irish Presidency will seek common ground with the US and other partners on the world trade agenda post Cancun.

Ireland's Presidency will see both an EU-US Summit and an EU-Canada Summit. These Summits will provide an opportunity to re-affirm the vitality and importance of the relationship that the Union enjoys with the US and Canada. '

This can be read at,236 It is the second document on this page, entitled Europeans Working Together.  Bye the way the 'positive economic agenda' is the privatisation of public services, probably all of them in the long run. There are also other gems in this Programme such as:

'The Irish Presidency will continue to build on the work of previous Presidencies in the development of military capabilities to carry out crisis management operations. '

'The Irish Presidency will work towards progressing discussions on the financing and organisational issues relating to the establishment of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) and on the wider international aspects.' (That's every bit as bad and worse as it sounds).

Created By: Orla Ni Chomhrai