Response to about Israel

In response to the fence I think that constructing a wall dividing two peoples can only be counter productive in the long term, yes it will prevent a bomber destroying Israeli lives, but it will not prevent naive young Palestinians joining the militant groups.  They will only see it as further Israeli occupation measures on Arab land. 

I agree that, "Both sides need to get together, a peace movement that longs for a just solution to the middle east", as dialogue with all sides, including representatives of the militant groups is the only way starting a peace and reconciliation processes, and this would be better than rushing through a "Road Map" with consulting, discussing and scoping everone's view. 

For me, I tend to me more pro Palestinian, but receantly I have become more pluralistic than I have been, I don't want Israelis to suffer, or Palestinians to suffer.

Created By: David Mac Thréinfhir