Response to about Israel

it is about 50 50 before the second uprising (nicluding arab usraeli 8%)

but now the left is almost dead in israel. there area few reasons for that but mainly many israelis were so disaapointed at the collapse of tcamp david they went for the right. there are about 30% that holds views that go between left and right. they say that there should be a palestinian state but till it happens we should fight with all our strength to survive (let me make it clear, almost all israelis see this conflict as a direct threat to their lives and future).

Sharon and the likud have also changed. the likud official rules state a broad israel which hints the inclusion of jordan. however, Begin , PM , have returned the SInai to egypt in exchanged of peace and Sharon was in charge of destroying a whoe israeli town (yamit) that was bult there.

Sharon himself now states that a PA independent country should be established and that "we can not control 3.5 million palestinians".


Created By: eyal kless