Response to I resign

Hi all,
Finally I got a minute to discuss this.
Zak wrote (Jan 13th)
'But if a person makes a post expressing a genuine opinion, I feel very strongly that this should not be censored or deleted, even if it might be offensive to some people'
I can see what you mean, though I still think the worst of the sexist, racist etc. posts need to be removed.  What you are suggesting is mostly what is happening on the forum anyway.
'In short, the message board of an anti war movement is not the place to be concerned about individual sensitivities, or the sensitivities of certain groups of people.'
Yes, you are probably right. In the case of gratutious personal attacks, with no real argument, though they should probably be removed. Mind you that would be more on the trolling grounds I suppose than anything else. Only a few things were removed which were purely personal attacks, most of them as a reult of being somewhat obscene. There is a certain judgement call here on this issue.
On the site rules:
I think we should probably get rid of the relentless posting rule. I don't think it is really necessary, at the moment anyway. Obviously if someone posts the actual same message over and over again it should be taken off.
We could also add something along the lines of
'The views expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of the IAWM.'
I'll probably stay on temporarily as moderator, not sure about the long run. If people do want to comment on policy if they e-mail off-list ( or  post here (in a non-attacking fashion, please).  Probably a lot of people will never be 100% happy with the moderation but we do our best.  I am having a look at moderating rules of other sites for a few tips.

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