Response to Will US Vote 2004 change anything?

Moore backs Wesley Clark as an 'anti-war' candidate:


Wesley Clark: The New Anti-War Candidate?

Record Shows Clark Cheered Iraq War as "Right Call"

 and he backs the School of the Americas (a torture training camp)

Facing Questions, Clark Backs Army School
by Joanna Weiss

In 1997, as commander in chief of the US Southern Command, Clark praised the school before the Senate Armed Services Committee, saying its mission had changed since the Cold War days. "This school is the best means available to ensure that the armed forces in Latin America and the armies in Latin America understand US values and adopt those values as their own," Clark said at the time.[my emphasis]

(for more information on the School of the Americas see )

and he was responsible for the deliberate bombing of civilians and civilian areas,  use of depleted uranium and cluster bombs during the Kosovo War:

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