Response to if they find WMD


Firstly – Ill get you the link and post it.

Secondly – most of them

Lastly – no – read my first ever post on this site.



Sorry if the numbers are too big for you to figure them out on your fingers and toes but 300 per day adds up to a much bigger number than 18,000 per day – it adds up to 109,500 per year – clear enough. The rest of your post tests the moral equivalence between the Iraqi regime and US society and is a hopeless dead end even for an antiwar campaigner – but hey you obviously find  some solace in it.


On the whole I do agree that the US are 10 years too late – sounds like you wish GWB was in power during his fathers term – I kinda do.

But you must examine the context of the US initial support for Saddam – the Cold War and the initial golf war – the Arab mandate presented or permission.  Anyway you seem to think if they – different US regimes over 20 years - get it wrong the first time or second time they can not term around and fix the problem – I would say they have the obligation to.

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