Response to Will US Vote 2004 change anything?

Hi Gary,

Good to hear from you. I agree with most everything you said. In fact, once we get rid of Bush, I may become Green anyway. I'm disgusted with our whole political system. Lieberman would have forced me to move sooner. He gave the republicans many of their adds. Someone should really tell the man he IS republican not democrat!

I saw that Dean changed campaign managers. Maybe this is part of his reinventing. He certainly made a decent comeback in NH from the Iowa disaster. Its really strange he doesn't reach the elderly. As a doctor he should be able to talk their language and understand their issues. I sent him a long letter about much of this after the Iowa caucus. I'm hoping many others did too. He seems to have gotten some message anyway.

I am, for now, staying with Dean as I can't vote for the others and feel true to my values. I hope his new campaign manager helps him, we need someone not beholding to Washington elite.

You mentioned the media trying to pick for us and that is part of why I haven't faultered in supporting Dean. We cannot allow the media to choose for us. I do not believe Kerry can win in the end, we need new blood in the hollowed halls.


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