Response to Human Rights Watch World Report

so you're saying that despite the lies, the war crimes the lack of WMD's, despite the non-existent links to Al Queda, if the iraqi people wanted to be invaded and bombed and occupied then none of the other stuff matter, and the anti war movement will have been shamed and disgraced.

you've really backed yourself into a corner haven't you? retreating more and more with each lie that Bush and Blair are exposed for, until your only cowering little argument left is a hypothetical what-if question about the yet to be determined will of the iraqi people. lol !! at the end of the day it's all that idiots like you can manage with your mushroom cloud what-if assertions and your hypothetical questions about iraq arming terrorists. yes we've heard if all before ralph. you ask questions which you know cannot be proved or disproved based on the current reality and facts.

Created By: Guy Incognito