Response to Human Rights Watch World Report

Dear Rolf,

I certainly don't know better.  I just have my eyes open.  And I really don't watch CNN at all. (Just thought I'd clear that up.)

What you are asking is whether popular opinion (whether in Iraq or elsewhere; your argument being that the Iraqi opinion matters most in this case) can mitigate and/or off set the possible criminal acts of the US government in waging the war in Iraq.

Although Guy has a valid point regarding just how you are going to figure out what the "country" feels about this.  Let's assume, the majority of Iraqi are happy that Saddam is gone.  I think you underestimate the complexity of the Iraqi people (and people in general).  Studies to date show that most are happy that Saddam is gone, but most also hate the war and the occupation.  Which in actuality puts them more in the "anti-war" camp than your own camp (whatever that camp may be?)

But's let go another step in your direction and assume that a majority of Iraqi people are thankful for the US/UK intervention. What this does for me, Rolf, is reduce the balance of damage done to these people (remember we, the US, also supported Saddam during the actual times of some of his atrocities).  As an American, I would be grateful that the balance of people in the world that hate us, might be tipped a little more in the other direction. But I am not holding my breath.  I think many Iraqi will be happy that "we" got rid of Saddam for them, but most will also be a little more sophisticated than you give them credit for and know this was more of an accident than anything else. Of course some will jump on the bandwagon, move to the US and become model citizens. Those few will of course get the greatest media attention and will be passed off as how "Iraqis think of the US".

But this in no way would erase the reality of this war being waged under false pretenses. It does not excuse the manipulation of data and the outright lies that were told.  The invasion was never motivated by "humanitarian" reasons.  What you are trying to do now is sell the war after the fact, and after all the facts and reasons for going to war have been shown to not have been true.

Just what is your motivation for doing this? Are you somehow offended that people are criticising "your" country.  Is it some kind of knee-jerk reaction. (And I don't mean to be insulting here. I remember finding myself (to my amazement) defending Bush Sr. when I first moved to Germany and encountered some pretty anti-American comments.  Something about it being okay for me to criticise my own family, but ...) 

Are you really, really trying to still justify the actions of this administration after all that has happened and come to light? Or do you just like baiting the peaceniks... 


Created By: Gary Nihsen